What is Natural Reader?

Natural Reader is a text to speech software (works on both PC and MAC) that converts ANY written text into spoken words. In the PAID version of NaturalReader, you can convert written text into audio files to listen to 'on-the-go'! Watch this broadcast to see NaturalReader on BBC News.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

How Do I Start?

1. Visit the NaturalSoft website and download Free NaturalReader 10.0
2. Open the application.
3. Open a web page, PDF, email, or any other text.
4. Either cut and paste the text into NaturalReader's window as a new file and press play, or open the 'miniboard' (MAC)/ 'floating bar' (PC) and simply highlight text on a page and the miniboard starts to 'read' it automatically.
5.  Choose the voice that reads back to you (some are more natural sounding than others), and the speed at which it is read.  This can be done on the main clipboard or through settings on the miniboard.

For more information on how to get started, check out these links:

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