What is Natural Reader?

Natural Reader is a text to speech software (works on both PC and MAC) that converts ANY written text into spoken words. In the PAID version of NaturalReader, you can convert written text into audio files to listen to 'on-the-go'! Watch this broadcast to see NaturalReader on BBC News.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Advantages and Disadvantages


Text-to-speech converters are practical for day-to-day use for lots of people!  It is so simple you can adopt it as a tool to help read, proofread, study a language or just for enjoyment.  Text-to-speech software can: 
  • Assist persons with disabilities who may be vision impaired by reading text
  • Save eye strain – relax, sit back and listen
  • Save time - listen while driving, exercising or enjoying nature (mp3 converter feature)
  • Help writers – improve by listening to your work
  • Assist second language students by expanding their experience and understanding through listening to any text at any speed
Natural Reader seems to be an excellent text-to-speech program.  Following are features we like:
  • Natural human voices and lots of choice (languages, accents, gender) for listening pleasure and variety
  • Easy to use/intuitive controls
  • Can help improve spelling, reading, comprehension and writing skills
  •  No need to be at computer/have access to wi-fi if using the mp3 converter
Natural Reader provides explanations about why people should use their product:  http://www.naturalreaders.com/whychooseus.htm


Natural readers are not all terribly natural sounding and the program doesn't know how to deal with text features and some symbols such as bullets or dashes.  Paying for mp3 capabilities is inconvenient as well.

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