What is Natural Reader?

Natural Reader is a text to speech software (works on both PC and MAC) that converts ANY written text into spoken words. In the PAID version of NaturalReader, you can convert written text into audio files to listen to 'on-the-go'! Watch this broadcast to see NaturalReader on BBC News.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

mp3 Converter

The mp3 converter function in Natural Reader is very handy.  It allows you to be free from the computer, and an internet connection.  You simply highlight the text you want to save as an mp3 file and click on the mp3 converter button.  Next you designate where you want to save the file.  That's it!  You're done.  :)  Now you can listen to the text you selected anywhere you want... on a walk, in the car, while you make dinner.


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