What is Natural Reader?

Natural Reader is a text to speech software (works on both PC and MAC) that converts ANY written text into spoken words. In the PAID version of NaturalReader, you can convert written text into audio files to listen to 'on-the-go'! Watch this broadcast to see NaturalReader on BBC News.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Pronunciation Editor

If there is a case where you would like to change the way a word is read in Natural Reader you can make adjustments using the Pronunciation Editor.  The example on the Natural Reader website is M.D.  If you were reading a book where M.D. referred to Mike Dion and you wanted to hear his full name read rather than M.D. you would simply go to the pronunciation guide and replace the source word with the word you want to hear.  The Pronunciation Editor is under Tools.


  1. What about pronunciation of foreign words? Is it possible to input these phonetically?

  2. tracylove6112@yahoo.com19 February 2016 at 15:13

    There is a menu with an assortment of pronunciation tools...but the whole thing is non-functional telling me to get the paid version...but, I already have the paid version and I have gone up, logged in and attempted to download SOMETHING I had hoped was the EXTRAS,but NO. The software works great but I would like ALL of the features I was promised in my PAID version. My email is tracylove6112@yahoo.com. I don't use gmail account.

  3. Works great, however, there's a 'file' I was going over and listening to figures using a lowercase "x" I heard....
    " ...11.5 x 266 MHz = 3059 MHz..."
    I kept hearing "x" not "times". I used Pronunciation Editor and it work perfect so now I hear "...11.5 (times) 266 MHz..." EXCEPT for one part on the same page it uses the word/letter "x". Everything changed except for one part/sentence it uses "x" instead of "times", on the same page just one paragraph before.
    I deleted the 'edit' and retyped it in, still every part changed except for that same point/spot, I did everything right, I can't find anything that MIGHT be a problem. Everything I do can't change the very first math figure on that page will be read using "x" not "times". It's not a big deal now but kind of a bummer.
    Any ideas?

  4. How do you edit words such as "live" that can be pronounced two different ways?

    1. You can't. Despite the name, this is not a prounciation editor, just a word substitute editor.